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Mold management

Apr 22, 2020

1. In daily production, the stamping workshop and relevant departments should extract and use the molds according to the production schedule planned by the Health Management Department. After use, the last product of this molding must be carried and handed over to the full-time stamping inspector of the Quality Control Department for final inspection. Inspect the parts and record the quality of the mold as a ledger;

2. The full-time stamping inspector of the Quality Control Department believes that it is inappropriate to continue production. The mold should be indicated on the mold record account, and the repair form should be filled out in time. The mold should be repaired by the technical department; molds that require major repairs should be reported to the technical department for approval and record. After the repaired mold is reviewed by the mold technician and the head of the technical department, the company supervisor approves the scrap;

3. If abnormal damage is encountered during the use of the mold, the user department shall fill in the "Mold Accident Report" and carefully analyze the reasons to the relevant departments such as the Technical Management Department and the Quality Control Department of the Health Management Department and put forward treatment suggestions.